Monday, September 4, 2006

Keith Urban is not Hot

I regret stooping to such blog-vious subject matter as celebrity chat, except that has declared Keith Urban hot star of the week, and backs it up with this photo.

Here's how I got here: Suburbia reads, which she has turned me on to, and which I don't really get, but I've been visiting. Celebitchy's blogroll includes a site called Barbie Martini, two words that always get my attention. And Barbie Martini (actually a collective of celeb-gossipers) says "hot."

Even in 1975, when this look was popular, he is not hot. Though he is holding what appear to be a glass slipper and a package of black pantyhose in this picture, and has lovely hairless forearms, I can not concur with hottie of the week.

Australian - generally hot

anti-Nashville look - hot in theory

David Spade hairdo - no

highlights - really? why? are you a 40 year old Mom?

Brown on brown? I believe I can smell the Drakkar Noir from here.

trucker wallet - ouch

Shop class leather bracelet - he made it himself

wait a minute... where I have seen this look before? oh, yes. I remember now.


  1. hey

    You cant be serious he is the hottest person alive.. *shakes head* you got issues.

  2. Australian - AMAZINGLY HOT!

    Accent- makes my ears melt

    anti-Nashville look - hot, very unique

    Keiths Hairdo- VERY SMEXY!

    highlights - Make him better! Everyone highlights? like wtf?

    Brown on brown? Looks good! like to see you look this good

    trucker wallet - cute, what do you have a dollorstore brand?

    Shop class leather bracelet - he made it himself, very creative :)

    Keith is very very hot you just get your eyes outta the ground and into something "aussome"


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