Monday, August 14, 2006

Speaking of Cartoon Characters

Discovering that I am Spiderman drew in another thread.

In the game you play where you consider tattoos you might ever get, I accept that in the end I would choose a cartoon character. I have no tat, nor would I get one (paganism, yadda yadda... besides the thought of things I may have thought at 18 I would forever want on my body, like Free Nicaragua or a portrait of Sting), but then I won't have children either, but I know what their names are.

So yes, a cartoon character, but an obscure one. A conversation piece.

1. Mr Peabody
2. Timer
3. the Powerful Mach 5
4. the Minah bird
5. Ralph Phillips

can you even believe I found pictures of all of them? Without hardly trying? You can't stump the Internet.


  1. Turns out I'm 100% Massachusetts and the Green Lantern. Slow day here at work.


  2. My friend has the green, open-mouthed dragon that serves as the trash can on an ince cream truck tatooed on his arm. His elbow is where the mouth/hole would be.


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