Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Things to Worry About

  1. You could kill someone with that knife if you turned around too quickly.
  2. You left the oven on. The coffee on. The iron on.
  3. Where is the car?
  4. There will be a spider in the oven mitt when you put it on.
  5. Is that a lump?
  6. Is that a tick?
  7. Is that a water stain?
  8. The engine light
  9. The burglar alarm
  10. You have cancer. They have cancer. He, she, or it has cancer.
  11. There could be a Level 3 sex offender in your neighborhood.
  12. The water heater should not be that loud.
  13. The house is falling down the hill.
  14. You live too close to the railroad tracks. Airport. 200 ft high dam.
  15. There is too much paint stored in the garage.
  16. Killer Bees
  17. You will never get another job.
  18. You will shoot everyone at your present job.
  19. This list isn't funny. You're just crazy. Or I'm just crazy.

One of us is crazy. You decide.


  1. Those are called "floating anxieties" and I think everyone has them to one degree or another -- We're not really crazy but maybe sometimes over-cautious. Some of it comes from not having enough other stuff to occupy our minds. :o) Marn

  2. I thought I was the only one who worried about the spider in the oven mitt. The gardening gloves. The shoe. -- Dr. A.

  3. What if I drop my daughter? What if she wakes up, gets out of the crib, opens the window, and falls out? What if a bear comes out of the woods and attacks her? What if I lose my job?



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