Thursday, March 16, 2006

Operation Swarmer

Naming military operations is a tricky business, as proven by "Swarmer." A squadron of choppers may suggest that, one supposes.

Rejected names:
Operation Warmer: oh, it's heatin' up now, bow-wee!
Operation Shawarma: it's Middle Eastern!
Operation Karma: what goes around, comes around
Operation Klezmer: I love the sound of clarinets in the morning...

I have decided to begin naming all the key strategic initiatives in my personal life, using the Military Code Generator . Now, even the most poetic dove can stride hawkishly forward toward lofty sounding goals.

For example, I am spending the weekend in Newburyport, antique shopping and attending a new locally-produced musical.

This will hence forward be known as Operation Decisive Response.

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