Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Night at the Improv

I want to give all the readers in the Eastern MA area this advance notice to support our friend's 2nd performance at Improv Boston in Inman Square Cambridge.Deana is bringing on the funny once again after all these years in a performance called "Say Cheese," presented by the graduating class of Improv Boston's Level 5 workshops.

And here's why you can't lose:
- guaranteed funny, unscripted theatre, long-form improv, 45 minutes of non-stop seat o' the pants characters, references, and funny accents (most of which seem to be Southern. hmm. must blog more about that another time)

- they come on first. So you can leave if you want to, but I recommend staying for the 2nd act, especially if they are "C&C Improv Factory," because they were great. (almost Mary C great)

- the third act is Open Jam, which means you can try your hand at it if you want. But there is a break before that, so if you want to make a break for it, you can.

- $5. Come on! Only The Strand offers more fun for that price, and you have to come to Clinton to get that.

- Free parking on Sundays

- a whole street of great restaurants, and Christina's ice cream afta.

- You're home by 10, even with the ice cream.

So here's the deal: 7pm at the Improv. Sunday, March 19. Reserve your tickets ahead of time, because the theatre only seats 80 people.
Tell them I sent you.

And say hi to Deana afterwards. You'll recognize her as the most talented one.

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