Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Denise Austin understands that I'm a busy Mom...

..and she is so compassionate about it, I just don't have the heart to tell her. Denise, it's all "me" time. But you're sweet to be encouraging.

As long as your heart is open, I am also a housewife who doesn't get any help. And a corporate stooge who has to single-handedly support this family. Dinner is never on the table when I get home, and no one has changed that lightbulb since it burned out. There is a pair of shoes on the floor in every room, but you can never find a pen. I forgot to take the trash out and how can it always be my turn to do the oil change?

But thanks to you, Denise, and your enthusiasm for seeing me "sit up nice and tall" with a smiling face (she's a personal trainer and a kindergarten teacher!) I can get in my 20 minutes of Me Time before not getting the kids off to school.

And since I'm confessing, I tape your show, workout at night, and have a beer when I'm done. But, girl, we both look damn good.

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