Thursday, February 3, 2011

There's got to be a morning after

That's not a conclusion; it's a prayer.

There's got to be.... right?

Despite New Englanders' 20 words for snow (and more that are not printable), writing about the weather just seems so cliche.  And a little tiresome.  I have been in the house since Monday, riding out the One-Two (the forecasters seemed to have settled on this name, and since it was like being eliminated on, it sort of fits).

Just now I am passing time before a 7:30am conference call, then I will leave for the office.  In the next 15 minutes I can try to relay to you what life is like where it snows every Wednesday -- every week of the year.

We don't really believe it will snow forever, but just now it is difficult to imagine that it won't.  It reminds me of that summer a couple of years ago where we had a raging thunderstorm every day at 5pm, until we began to travel around it.  "You leaving soon?"  (Looks at watch) "eehhh.. I think I'll just wait till after the thunderstorm, then get some dinner.  You?"

This week I had to ask one of the boys who works with me (and for whom I need to identify a collective noun, because not being able to write about them is limiting my best material.  Dodie calls the ones her husband works with Big Baby and Dumb Ass, and that is heading in the right direction).  I had to ask this kid what his travel contingency was for a project launch occurring exactly at the height of Storm One becoming Storm Two.

His answer began "uuummmm...." but then most of his answers do.
No plan, of course -- that's what he has me for.

I have enough contingency stress worrying about roof collapse and electrical failure than how he is going to get himself to work on time.

Uck - save it for the post-mortem, Bender.

Most of the past 2 days has been spent working remotely, which is both a blessing and a nagging reminder that there is no reason my job requires me to be there.  And if the company is looking to save money, I have a couple of ideas.

Left my boots at the gym.  That was a good move.  Of course, I have more -- we always have more.  But those were the best ones.  What we don't have are roof rakes, though one Home Depot began fashioning its own out of PVC and lumber, which would attach to a pole you could also buy or supply your own.  I want to applaud this Yankee Ingenuity except it came from the Boss, in one of her hourly reminders that she is better than you.  Yesterday a team-IM started, giving weather reports.  I said that we were under sleeting rain in the Mother Town, and she answered that her town had already had sleet for an hour.

Save it for the Exit Interview, Bender.

I hope you are getting the idea why I haven't been writing.

For more wild New England weather, click the "Talk About the Weather" Category at left.  And make me some Irish Coffee.  

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  1. I quit writing about the weather a couple of weeks ago because a) it was tiresome, ever for me; b) there just weren't any more words to describe how utterly tired of the @#$@#$ stuff I am; c) I felt like a complainer when folks like you are having it so much worse. The answer is D.


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