Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All traffic is good traffic

Caroline has made webenemies, and in the strangest of arenas.

Two years ago, I declared that Keith Urban was not, in fact, "hot." I still stand by that, by the way.
To further antagonize his fans, I will underscore this by saying I file all of these performers under "Toby Keith Urban," and could not pass a blind name that tune test. I don't have to. It's my blog.

By the same phenomenon that may have caused the Bloomberg Report to break the story that American Airlines filed for bankruptcy (again?! No, 6 years ago...) this 2-year old filler story of no importance has generated new traffic, and comments.

Most of the comments are directed at me.
- I have "issues"
- I wish I looked good in Brown-on-brown
- I need to have my eyes opened

Now I'll never get asked to the slumber party.

I compared his look to 1978. I stand by that too.
I never said anything about you who do think Keith Urban is hot (haha, now I come up in your match no matter what you search on...). But I see I am now totally counted o-u-t, so let me save you the Comment time.

I am gross, queer, ta'hd, I'm ugly and my momma dresses me funny.

But thanks for reading. Arianna Huffington has recommended I should bait traffic with some controversial statement. I had no idea it would be this.


  1. Keith Urban IS NOT HOT. Maybe your blog will become, like, a famous equivalent of the schoolyard, where lots of people will fight about this important issue. Stranger things have happened in The Internets.

  2. Oh no--now I worry that you will be one of those bloggers whose life is in danger, having to shut it all down and live your life in hiding. But you brought it all on to yourself.

  3. Opinions are like earlobes -- every one has at least 2 and many of them are full of holes. Keep on blogging and sharing your opinions. Everyone does not have to agree. (Besides I don't even know who the hell Keith Urban is, much less have an opinion as to his hotness!!

  4. I relish the Huffington theory if only I had a statement that would insight such blog-o-shpere unrest! Alas Mizzz Bender, I can only illicit the likes of the zeitgeist long enough to ponder bicoastal nuances of waitstaff coquetry and other such nonsense. I am no use.

    Cue the trombone music to that and no evites to the party of slumber ... whomp whomp!

    Lola, C-Lo, well you know who.



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