Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog ennui

I have 25 posts in draft form.

No, please don't applaud; it is nothing to brag about. I had 27, but just killed 2 whose points I could no longer recognize. I suppose I don't always have a point. I also just created 2 more, and tried to put in a few notes in case they should ferment in the Drafts list until such date when I can not remember them anymore.

Today in the middle of reporting in a meeting, I lost my train of thought. And I was taking the minutes. I assured the parents on my team that this would be happening to them anyway, even if they didn't have kids, and spouses, and alimony payments. We all just slowly lose our minds.

Or maybe just our interest.

I went looking for a picture of the little Zoloft guy and am pleased to report there are several gag cartoons of him.

He could be drawn by the Good News for Modern Man people.

Writer's block is so 90s. Dr A recently posted a piece from The Kenyon Review about rejection letters that will speak to any of you who put it out there for publication. Years ago, once I realized the results were the same whether I submitted material or not, I decided to save the postage. The artistic equivalent of "letting oneself go," I suppose. But we hadn't yet invented Bloggening.

Latecomers to my life (that is, anyone in the past 20 years, so safe to say members of my adult life), will eventually say in some context "you should be a writer," as if all that keeps one from it is landing their little car on that space of the Life board. I smile and nod. Yes, that's a great idea, and a very nice compliment. Thanks. What have you been up to? deflect...deflect....

Rebecca Faery once said, "You know you're a writer because you write it down." Rebecca Faery is also known for that famous Hollins phrase, "That is merely the fallacy of dichotous question framing." Of all that she taught me about The Craft, that one is my preferred go-to.

I especially appreciate those moments when the Academic Readership gives me a shout-out. I'll try to deliver again soon. Or perhaps I won't try, which seems to produce better results.

I need to stop reading Augusten Burroughs before bed.

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