Saturday, June 7, 2008

Old School Update

You can still get FILM developed at Ritz Camera. This is film. Isn't it charming?

I had taken it to CVS, where all film drop envelopes, signs, and the rest had been removed from the counter. Exuberant film processor lady (in a lab coat, which the pharmacists must really resent) assured me she would "do yours" (mine) right after "this," (whatever she was gesturing to) and I could "pick up in the morning."

She took a blank square of paper and said, "write your name down and pick it up in the morning."

You know I would never see those pictures.

I said, "I am surprised you don't have an order form."
Dr Photo: "Just write down whatever you want and pick it up tomorrow."

And I actually started to write it out -- on the little square of paper -- and then said, "I am not comfortable with this. I think I'll go somewhere more familiar."

She says, "Suit yourself, but don't go to CVS. Because this is how we do it now."(My film is old-fashioned to a woman who says "suit yourself," and who wears a lab coat as if her job still involves chemicals)

So: Ritz Camera - 1 hour service, doubles, choice of finish, with or without CD, with or with borders.

I also have a lead on phonograph styluses and pencil sharpeners. Stick with me.

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