Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jump Cut

This is the time in the Drawing In Room when I have to jump ahead and jumble everything together into a clipshow. Because it is not at all June 15. In fact, it is June 23, and when I am 10 days behind, there is little hope of any item on the list getting its own title. And the collide-o-scope they form when you read them all together this way might be too good to pass up.

Really, I just want to get to my 2 big set-pieces: the spectacle of Town Meeting, and how cheesed-off I am at Netflix. Come back for those later.

Pandora sells out
Heard my first ad on today. It was "sponsored by Bose," so I suppose I can look the other way for a moment. But I dumped radio for AOL Radio because the advertising was on my nerves, then dumped AOL radio for the same reason. And Pandora... let me warn you, I will pull this car over and give it to you and Netflix at the same time. Don't think I won't.

There are no Blue Women
This was the observation of my houseguest when we attended Boston's long-running percussion/performance/wtf-show Blue Man Group. Blue Man has done for the Theatre District what The Fantastix did for off-Broadway those many years. Since 1995, the show has been the resident production at the Charles Playhouse, but doesn't hold a candle to Shear Madness' record of 29 years without ever actually being funny.

So where are the Blue Women, she wanted to know, in the way I wondered where the girl-Muppets were before they added one. (oops, I mean...) So here's the thing: Blue Women welcome, according to their Careers/casting page. Tall women welcome. Are there any Blue Women right now? Not that I could prove.

like you didn't see that coming.

H'ray. This is very old news now. And according to the date on this post, hasn't actually happened. But I am so glad to know the slump is no longer my fault. I moved to New England in 1987. Check your rafters. So I never knew The Celtics. Even I watched the final game, and as you know, basketball stresses me out.

Sucked into Facebook
Yes... it happened to me. And I want to spend a lot more time breaking that topic down because I have a lot of observations and questions. If I could just get time off of Facebook to reflect on it. More to come then.

Tomorrow (because it is 11pm now and God knows I have statuses to check) I will replay Town Meeting for you, bring the posting dates up to date, and start this list again. There are 3 other topics I think deserve a full review. I was going to clip them for this post, but I have gone on far too long.

In the Freakomending column, Brett Tarleton was recently recommended an Oldies Rock-n-Roll Cruise -- based on his love of what we haven't yet determined.

Bonus link: make digital Kaleidoscopes

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  1. You're mad because Netflix is getting rid of profiles? I never even knew they existed.


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