Saturday, June 14, 2008


a new way to entertain yourself and stick it to The Man of your choice while you are up late on line.

You may recall this time last year (and if you don't, here) when Netflix recommended that because I liked ABC Afterschool Specials, I might also like.... Saw.

I have found you a new place to play where you can submit your favorite freakomendations, and learn how to create some of your own. By manipulating your searches on any database site, you can drive the alogrithm batty until, for example, it begins equating Stalin with Ann Coulter, then (likely in retaliation of course) Stalin with Hillary Clinton.

I stumbled across this while gathering material for my Netflix Jumps the Shark essay -- coming soon unless Cranky Product Manager writes it first.

This is a short post without much merit, but I was falling asleep watching The Hustler and I just needed to stay up another hour. I've heard there are books for this, but they are in another room.

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