Thursday, September 20, 2007


Remember my argument with poor Marbio Manka from Verizon? He failed to talk me into his cheaper phone plan because the taxes and fees, including Remembering the Maine, would still be the same.

UPDATE: Marbio missed the dealbreaker point. He didn't have the shortfall.

Verizon has been charging me for not, in fact, using my phone enough.

The list of fees I was willing to pay, even though they added up to about $10 every month, and included rebuilding New York (though I know where $455B could be had... link to this site. Jaw-dropping. you may not come back -- I almost didn't -- so do that after), giving the internet to Appalachia or some such, tone tone service (which...don't even...) a special fee just for the joy of living in Massachusetts....

Today I discovered a $10 shortfall fee. If my long distance service is not at least 9.99 per statement, I am charged the difference. They are guaranteed their $10.

I don't know how this costs them money, but Joe the service boy advised that the unlimited service -- which I clearly don't need since I made 3 phone calls last month -- would service me better. The monthly fee was less and there was no shortfall. The fees are the same, of course, you silly Amish girl.

Plenty of people are blogging about this. The last few topics I have raised here I have discovered on other people's blogs. Which means I really should finish the commentary on Dietrich Bonheoffer, but I think I might lose Neilson points.

But because so much other research has been done, I can draw it all in, and save you the time and advertising exposure. Here at BankAmerica-Staples Drawing-In, we remain blissfully ad free.

FCC approved

I hate you, FCC. So do these people. Somehow you are getting a kickback, and we know it.

How long have I been paying this?

I am afraid to look. Only since April 2007. I will give you one shortcut. When you get into the voice-activated menu (any voice activated menu) do not tolerate the impatient computer woman. No matter what prompts she gives you, say "Customer Service."

It will work. Ask for Marbio, if they didn't let him go.

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  1. A couple of other groups which do not like Verizon or the FCC: and ~SJL


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