Sunday, October 1, 2006

I can save your Netflix marriage

As a self-appointed ambassador of the Netflix experience, I must implore you: Flip your lists. You are not getting your money's worth.

My informal polling shows much of the problem stems from single-spouse domination of the queue. This is not a male/female issue; you know who you are.

She uses up precious queue space with "Get Fit Fast," which somehow never sees the inside of the machine. He discovers the entire Dr Who series and loads every one.

He can not comprehend flipping an unwatched (perhaps unOPENED [ I gasp ] ) disc despite having paid for it 3 months over. She discovers the entire Land Before Time series and loads every one for the kids. (Really, after #1, Land Before Time becomes a merchandising vehicle. Don't ask how I know).

He likes bitchy cable network comedies; he likes soft-core porn.

She likes 70s foreign films featuring fields of wheat; she likes 70s sit-coms.

So here's the secret, in 2 steps.
Step 1: Up your membership to the 4 level.
It is only a few dollars more than 3-per-month, and you are already losing money on that. Four per month gives each of you 2 films and sets you up for...

Step 2: Get your own Queue
This is quite simple to do, and costs no extra scratch. In fact, if you have kids, get them one too.
While logged into your account, go to the Queue tab, then click "Add Queue."
Take it from there.

You can even get the discs addressed to yourself, in case there is any confusion about whose are whose. Not to worry, though -- Netflix remembers, and replaces returned discs with the next in that queue.

Single queue owners: you can use this too.
Keep a 2nd queue for things you don't want your Friends list to know about. I don't suggest to know what that means for you. Maybe it IS The Land Before Time series. None o' my worry. Mine is the workout discs. And I'll tell you that "Get Fit Fast" only works if you exercise.

General tip about clogging your queue with complete series. Unnecessary. You can replace the returned Disc 1 with Desc 2 etc. But the queue does hold 500 titles, so maybe I am just talking about myself again.

By the way.. this man and I have run off together. Separate queues, of course.

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