Monday, October 9, 2006


Here's what's happening in our corner of Blogland. Suburbia's network began to challenge each other to post yearbook photos. I was so moved by her bravery, I couldn't say No. And where her network intersects our network... well here you go.

Let me provide you with some responses, as I can see your mouth is hanging open:

1. If those glasses were any bigger, they would be a space helmet.

2. If Vermeer had painted this, it would be called Brawny Girl with Drape.

3. Drapes: a staple of Southern portraiture, and only 1/3 of the Senior portrait trilogy -- the others being "cap and gown" and "formal." What is more formal than a drape, you are thinking? Or perhaps you have just politely averted your eyes.

4. The necklace is my Newspaper Editor pendant. When you are not quite cool enough for Lettering.

5. The Dorothy Hamill took more work than I could commit to.

The better portrait is this one, since this is really more what I looked like, then and now, only now with less cheek-chub and much smaller glasses. This is Miss Bender's expression in dull meetings right before she decides to say what everyone is thinking.

That is Dr. M behind me, she of the Christmas pickle mythology. Notice how she looks bored in Trigonometry class, while I look about to vomit. She, of course, became a SuperGenius and is about to retire at 42. I wrote a clever poem parody about Trigonometry instead and got out of there with a C. Thanks to the miracle of "electives," I still managed to graduate 5th in the class. Dr. M was 2nd, but it's a very touchy subject.

If you are on my Blogroll, you are Double Freeze Tagged/No Take Backs. Cough up your photos.

The floor is now yours. Comments are un-moderated.


  1. I really cannot even say how much I love these photos of you. You look exactly the same age as you look today (minus the force-field glasses and very special pendant). And I have seen that look on your face in many, many meetings. If I am lucky in my life, I will see it many more times before both of our "careers" have ... pinnacled.

  2. Great photos... I was a Newspaper Editor myself, but I don't think that we could letter in Newspaper at my high school. I did, however, letter in Drama. Love the glasses, too. I can't wait to look back at photos of myself now with glasses in about ten years and wonder what the heck I was thinking.

  3. I love these!! Ms. Minchin is still on hiatus but maybe she'll dig up her yearbook photo sometime soon.

  4. I adore this portrait. I may have to share with you my senior class "drape" portrait, which is notable not for the drapage, but rather for the "ski slope" of aqua-net shellacked bangs careening over my forehead. Oh, and big glasses, too.

    Dr. A.


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