Monday, January 2, 2012

Occupy Gymnasium: "The Explosive Generation"

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Whatever the opposite of "Spoilers" are, these are the top 10 of them for streaming The Explosive Generation right now.


2. In blue jeans.  (sadly, the cuffs are much too deep) 

3. Teenaged Patty McCormack
(Nic-Nac Patty Mac, hit 'im with your shoe....)

4. Beau Bridges.  outstanding.

5.  My boyfriend Billy Gray, 23 playing 17, looking 38

6. The Hygiene Film Method is swell, all right.

7.  Absentee parents
"Why did this have to happen when your father was out of town!?"

8.  50's Flash Mob!

9.  With Bongos!

10.  Big Important Speeches

The Boomers clash with Squares and Pigs to get their first taste of Be-Ins.  It's a solid gas.

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