Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday gifts of a bygone era

I miss when a birthday meant someone gave you.....  

  Giant Money:  In anybody's hand, this is some serious coin.  In a child's hand, it's a Frisbee.

Shaped Cake:  The people at Baker's believed all frosting should be coconut frosting.  Earlier today, Dodie said, "You like coconut?   Why have I never known that?"  I said, "Because yoooo don't like coconut.  So we never ate it."

Dangerous toys!  (sorry we fell out of love with you, all-things-missile.)
Anything that cooked, soldered, stabbed, glowed, or swallowed easily (subcategory: Lite-Brite peg, marble, Barbie shoe, Monopoly house, Sea Monkey)

Qiana:  more fashion through chemistry


Hard-cover books.  soooo fancy.  Special occasion.



Fast food coupons.
50 cent coupon guzenta giant money.... 2 Saturdays.  Free toy inside will be mini jarts.  Don't swallow them. Or these cookies.

Bike accessories: Because, man, they wore out.  Get the streamer ones, hide stuff inside your handlebars and cover with metallic streamer grips.

 Weird clothes you were supposed to "grow into" (and might return to in 60 years...)

I stop at 10.  The rest is up to you.


  1. Trip to NYC with Grandma when I was 12. It was like going on the road with Mary Poppins. Trolling Times Square at midnight in 1968 - untouched by blight, bathed in wonder.

  2. MERLIN!!!! I loved that thing so much! I was really young and not quite sure if I was using it correctly, but I loved those damn red dots under my fingertips! I need one.

  3. I loved Toughskins. OK, I admit, Husky Sized...

  4. oh, the cake!! My mom's friend made those for us. so good, so coconuty

  5. oh, the cake ... I loved the cake!!!

  6. We still get together for our family birthdays. Just this weekend we celebrated my dads 75th with a pizza party and bowling and of course Cake and Ice cream. Sometimes we go with a carvel cake. LOL


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