Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great moments in home ownership: How a bachelor buys an oven

In 15 minutes.

One of my married friends recently sighed, "It must be so nice to handle your money however you want." 

It really is.  What's even better is that I never spend longer in the appliance store than I really want to.  (Hardware is a completely different story, as I have already confessed... here and here.)

Don't worry that I am impulsive.  I had my oven shopping lesson with Dr A and JB -- who actually COOK.  And once you have narrowed down gas or electric, then self-cleaning or not... and you are standing in Sears, there is this aisle (affordable) and that aisle (hahahahaha).

Another friend once said, "I get how a $20 bottle of wine is better than a $12 bottle of wine, but how much better can a $200 bottle be?"

So it went like this: electric/self-cleaning/this aisle/stainless/when can you bring it?  Here's my money.
It's not a new car, for heaven's sake.  If you're bringing it, plugging it in (and more importantly, taking the other one with you), let's sign the paperwork right now.

It was the heating element that went finally, in a spectacular display of molten color -- like so: 
So common... it's on the Internet.

So I have embraced the raw food movement for the next few days, which is not a substantial change over my usual cuisine, I guess.  But I do have all this asparagus I need to....freeze.  yeh, I should just freeze it.  And throw the eggs at the neighbors.  The rest will keep.

And that's what the tax refund is for, after all.

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  1. Home ownership is NOT for the weak!! There is always something to be replaced or fixed. I also like the fact that I get to make the decisions about those things and I even have a yard to make decisions about (though applying the "first course of action - do nothing" doesn't help my curb appeal). Lucky you to get a tax refund - I'm sure I must have paid for part of it with my check. M


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