Monday, April 4, 2011

Out of print clothing

Did I already write about this?  I realize it is easy enough to find out, but if I distract myself with that little task, it's another night gone without posting, and after all...
It's National Poetry Month

No one wants Miss Bender to overstep herself into the realm of poetry.  I don't even know good from bad; I just know that  when it is over, you are supposed to go "hm."  Not "hhhmmmm..." which sounds sarcastic.  Just one .. diphthong?  No, diphthongs are vowels.  I remember that because when you see that many consonants crashed together, it is about vowels.   Does any other English word have "phth" next to itself like that?

Do you have any idea where this post is going?  Do you think I do?

It is headed here. 
Vintage book covers on clothing.
[:02 OOH-AAH]
After a long stretch of distressed clothing featuring cartoon characters and 1970s candy (which believe me, I do love) fashion goes nerd-highbrow in sizes for men, women, and children.

If you want to drive your mother-in-law bats, put your toddler in this Aldous Huxley original.  Then name her Hillary Rodman. 

Out of Print Clothing is not just about hipster nostalgia.  Every shirt equals a book donated to Books for Africa as well. 

If your book covers are more of the comic variety, I'll direct you to zazzle, where you can browse for hours on such winners as this style.

CafePress is your source for the pulpier stuff

I seriously spent half an hour choosing one.  It is way past my bedtime.

Not into t-shirts?  Get this meta-whimsy:  literary covers for your e-reader.  It's a book cover for the thing that replaced your book.  These are stocked on outofprint, but are sold by M-Edge, makers of "fashionable and protective accessories for eReaders."  Most of the same designs, so don't wear your shirt on the day you carry your reader.  And at $40 each, you want to pick a keeper that goes anywhere you do.  I learned this lesson while trying to read Memoirs of an Anti-Semite on the T.

Finally, if you would prefer to cover books with t'shirts, than t-shirts with books... click here.


  1. Oh, how I love literary covers for my ebook - too good.

  2. Quite a few, apparently, according to



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