Thursday, March 31, 2011



cf-family-affair#32 in an occasional series of repressed 70's memories that turn out to be true.

In a world where Lite-Brite was both a high-tech toy and considered correctly spelled, and sticker technology had not quite reached perfection, there was a 2-dimensional toy called Colorforms.

“It’s fun to play the Colorforms way!” 

Was it…?  I can’t say it was better than actual dolls (“action figures,” if you are a boy whose parents do not let you be free to be you) , vehicles and furniture, but traveled better in the backseat, which was where we spent most of our time.

It was also a cheaper way to re-enact your favorite TV/comic characters when playsets were very dear.  You could also stunt-cast by mixing up your colorforms sets (or… you could restore everything neatly into their matching shape staging area when you were finished… I’m just saying…)


Oh, if only I could have gotten Mr French and the Professor’s Nanny together….

I liked to put the raindrops on Lucy’s face like tears.  I was a sad…sad…clown.  So that’s the game – put clothes on Lucy, who seems happy with whatever you dress her in.  The girls in the commercial call the pieces “pwastic,”   Specifically, vinyl.  And delicious.  Those little snowflakes are like lozenges you can roll around on your tongue, then when they are saturated, stick them to your face.  “I’m Marie Antoinette!” you say, but you have no idea who that is, except the woman people on TV always dress as for costume parties.  For hilarity, put Lucy in ice skates and SHORTS.  Stop..!  Sto-o-o-op!  You’ll make me snort!

As long as you are sucking on your Colorforms, try the glow-in-the-dark version, for an added rush of radium!  (stay tuned for the 2nd commercial for dolls that tan.  awesome.)  hhobbie

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  1. I was just at the Vermont Country Store, and there was a huge set of color forms my mom almost bought my niece. Leave it to the VCS to have old school stuff that wasn't even that good the first time around. :)


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