Monday, January 10, 2011


Lest you think I have fallen out of love with you... or with public yaddayadda out of proportion to its importance....  well, all right, I sort of have.   I considered shutting the DrawingIn Room down in 2011.  This is not a fish for compliments.  It just seemed like one of those fresh start New Year things to do, and I had just written a pile of Christmas/New Year cards, so I was beginning to feel I had said all I was going to say.

And I have been fairly over-tasked at work.  Good News: I seem to have kicked the task compulsion (email as excessive hand washing).  Bad News:  I seem to have kicked task compulsion.  The trouble with workoholism is you can never go Cold Turkey.

Except in your heart.... 

So I have been a little behind, and tired of the keyboard by the time it is blog o'clock.

Tonight I made the effort to at least organize myself for tomorrow so I wouldn't start the day behind (this was mainly solved by moving all the task due dates to Tuesday and clearing the calendar for Wednesday so I could work from home and watch the snow fall).  So I was out by 6, but that only means I am out in time to sit in traffic and get home too late to do much of anything else.

Then there was the gas tank issue.  I tend to trust my "fuel remaining" indicator, but I don't rely on it, because I know it is not a real measurement.  It's an estimate.  And I do that all day, so I know how whimsical it is.  You may live in one of those regions where your errands have to be on the right side of the street or you cahn't get they-a from hee-ya.  I live such a life.  On my drive home, I usually choose the gas station at the junction of 2 and 2A, which is closed for renovation (please improve the traffic flow, okthnxbai).  That only leaves the Concord Rotary (ok for late night, terrible for peak time) or the "GAS" (I swear that is its name) on Baker St near the Papparazzi.  More to the point, one should buy one's gas in the morning----

Is this at all interesting to you?  This is what New Englanders talk about all... the ...time.  Wait until Wednesday when it snows.  Hoo-weeee will I be dull.

Anyway, just going off-route for this stop adds half an hour, but not doing it means running out of gas in the traffic line.  People love that.  They love this one more:   

At 7pm, now past my usual turnoff, but with a full tank, I admitted I was not going to any gym -- but I had figured out what to make for dinner.  So there's that.

So, lookit, I just haven't had the impetus to write.  If you follow this blog, you know this happens.  Don't be fooled by how many words I can use to say I have nothing to say.  I know when there is no real content.  And I know it hasn't been so particularly original lately.

This isn't even what I started to write about.  But it kept me from updating one more project plan.  And for that... I thank you.

Enjoy this:  I searched the phrase "Gantt weenie," and this is what the Imperial Search Engine returned.  So I put glasses on her, and yeh - that's about right.  Dork.

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