Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I wonder if that silly duck will remember he can fly

Professional problem solver draws a blank.

I broke my glasses about a month ago and had done nothing about them because, gack, what a hassle, and I had found a replacement pair and that was working just fine. I had also found that I had half a dozen replacements, all broken in nearly the same way, and someone should do a time and motion study on that. But summary statement is, they were broken and on the dresser -- not even of my own room, but the guestroom. They were doing their best to be fogotten that way.

Friday night I am out with the fellas, and Nick says (because he notices things like this and is a very generous conversationalist) "those are new." "No, they're old, actually," I say, and launch into the uninteresting story of how they have been broken for a month...... well, it's all about my VSP, you see, and what's covered. Because the lenses are covered annually, but frames are every other year. Only I can't remember when I bought these, because the prescription ....

Jay tenderly interrupts, taking my hands across the table. "I think you'll find..." he begins, with a careful pause to be sure he has my attention, "that you can afford your glasses."

Blink. Blink. Because of course it takes Jay to remind me that we are not poor anymore.

Ten years ago, when we were both trying to leave the field that made us so poor, and I thought we were trapped, because what else in the world COULD we do, it was also Jay who observed, "I am pretty sure we can find other jobs that pay 27 thousand a year."

What makes this story come to its embarrassingly obvious close is that Monday when the pipes burst I decided to drop by the Eye Cent-a and make inquiries, as they say. The receptionist "pulls my card" (honestly, a CARD from a metal file drawer. It was lovely) and says "They're under warranty. We'll fix 'em." Egg, meet face.

Sometimes I make things so hard.


  1. Caroline, you made my week! I wouldn't go back to that crazy world we were almost trapped in for all the free food in the world. The 10 people I saved, I'm pretty sure, would have made it without me. : )

  2. That is hilarious, we still do that all the time. Sometimes we look at each other and say "we can afford things now!"

  3. This story is funny in "person", and also when written. It's just a damn funny story. Thank you for the laugh!

  4. awesome post! and to think i entered that field as you were both scrambling to get out! KB

  5. I am so going through the same thing - I can't see through the scratches. Who knows what I will find out if I just ask... thanks for the reminder that I don't have 3 jobs with no vision or health insurance.

    Reading "we were trapped" brought me right back. We have come a long way baby. :)



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