Saturday, December 12, 2009

What I am doing instead of updating this blog

You were such a loyal Readership during NaBloPoMo.  I fed you content; you showed up.  At least, I have to believe you did; otherwise, I was being played for a fool during a month when I really didn't have a lot of time to spare.  Then I disappeared for 10 days.  No drama, nothing mysterious.  I have just been doing something else.  And, hello,  I gave you 1700 words on Memphis, which ought to show you how much I care.

As it is, it is 8am on a Saturday morning, and I haven't even gotten out of bed, but I am producing for you.  I did/do have some different plans for this morning, which include lying in bed and reading while the morning sun is still on that side of the house.  How Wamsutta sheets of me. 

I have been doing a lot of stuff in these chilly December days, but none of it makes much bloggening on its own.  Wouldn't you much rather have me list it for you?  Taking Inventory.....

Job Hunting is a crashing bore
And I told my outplacement counselor so.  She was trying to do her job, so I stopped short of "get off my back, woman - if I wanted to be nagged I would get married," but seriously.  Do same and I mean it.  It was our last meeting anyway.  I could have given her a load of what she wanted to hear - that interviews are steady and I had business cards made, that I take strangers to coffee and am having my suits taken in ( apparently rage weighs about 8 pounds).  All of which is true, and would have made for a more staid conversation, but instead I told her I find the whole thing boring and I would like it to stop.

Networking is much more interesting.  I have had some interesting conversations with people doing fascinating things.  I have caught up with some of the greats of my past who inspire me to see me old self as new potential.  I have brainstormed with my fellow (now former) Mill Workers about what has been working for them, and how we can help each other. 

The gym is free
Hooray... Global Fitness.  Something is wrong with my favorie bike, though.  There are 2 and one has "parts on order," and the other needs to be re-calibrated, so you don't have to hold the handlebars in a hard left turn to stay straight on the route.  I started some elliptical thing instead.  Joining the regulars are Pink Pants (self-explanatory) and Is He My Neighbor? (I can no longer tell if I know him from the gym or from the driveway).

The Finishing School is gathering a Readership at last.  Our first call for contributors some years ago yielded little response.  With the help of Facebook (and a lot of you moving up or out of your careers) we have been able to widen our slate of contributors and readers. Bender & Minchin continue to try to up our traffic, improve our standing in search results, and eventually get someone to spend some money on us.  Your clicking there a minute ago helped.  Your writing for us would help more.

Armchair Traveler went on-line.  I don't usually plug the Armchair in this space.  But we are pretty pleased with the live streaming and now podcasting we have been able to get working.  Armchair Traveler completes its year-long salute to the National Park Service next Saturday.  subscribe to and walk around with me in your head.  I have to, so it's only fair.

A day spent not Christmas shopping with one of the Moms was a real delight for both of us.  It is true what they say about how long you can park yourself at a Starbucks holding empty cups.  We gave each other a lot of life advice with the understanding that neither of us is likely to act on any of it.  And we love each other for that.

Man, I love Netflix.  This may be my equivalent of eating frosting out of the can, but I only watch a couple of hours a day, and rarely when the sun is up.  (don't think that so noble - the sun is only up 7a - 4p up here).

I attended the Massachusetts Conference for Women, and I will write more about that later.

I drove the new car in the snow.  We will learn to understand each other.

What do you got?

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  1. Glad your 10 days "off" have been interesting - and maybe a good recharging of the batteries. It's interesting, tho, that many writers have taken the past week or two off - look at your list on the left. Just when I started reading more, all of my favorites started writing less. Glad you're back.