Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Nutcrackers

From the people who brought you the Easter Egg tree.....
If you've been working on how to make nutcrackers (insane robots of Christmas) more horrifying, try this.  This photo makes them look like there might actually be people in them.

Dig the Krampus version:

If you are looking to one-up the neighbors on Halloween decorations, let The DrawingIn Room offer this culled list of crossover hits:

goth gift wrap

The Tree - "perfect for displaying Halloween decorations," they say.


Photos with Dracula
Your choice of encore posts on this topic

You can always count on a chess set

I am oddly drawn to chess sets.  And glass candy.  I don't collect either because I realize that's crazy.

Annoy The Neighbors - the goal of any outdoor decorating

Or just your dog

In closing.......
Your Halloween Wedding Planner


  1. Gosh!! I thought there was nothing left to be stupidly crazy about. Boy Was I wrong!!! Is there anything left? Of course there is and you will undoubtedly uncover it. M.

  2. By the way, the only fall decoration I've put up is a flag of colored fall leaves and acorns. That's a gracious plenty. I'm even giving some thought to reducing Christmas decorating yet again. :o) M

  3. I'm decorating for fall with the leaves in the yard that have fallen from trees.

  4. and of course one of those hella crazy nutcrackers. those things are sweet! lerrrve the devil - he's hot.


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