Thursday, March 5, 2009

I kan haz followerz?

You know you laugh at LOLCats. don't front.

I have discovered the blog has new Followers, as indicated at the bottom of the page.

I want to give big shout and a thank you to "Violet," of the Lemonade Stand, who has been a follower attached for some time, and has the distinction of being the first DrawingIn reader that I did not know personally. And she has been a regular visitor. Writing that made me feel neglectful, so I popped by to see video of the now not-so-baby.

There are new followers now, and this almost constitutes... a following.

I added the visit counter some time ago as well. Don't believe it for a moment; it counts me. It is not supposed to count me, but I know that it does, so 15,000 visits in the past year is grossly overinflated. I should try to fix it, but I didn't know there was a following. 2 new followers this week, and it is almost a Movement.

that's the Group W Bench.

Only in the Drawing In Room do we serve up such an ankle-deep photo reference.

I had a Google Reader subscription for a while. But it was Buggy in IE6, and I couldn't find the unsubscribe, so I just left it alone. I do follow a few blogs, but not in the public "I am a Follower" way that my Followers have chosen. See how I just said My Followers, all causal, like everyone has them?

see me.... feel meee.... touch me....

A friend recently launched her blog and asked for some feedback on it. I began a sentence with "The most successful blogs...." what does that even mean? Money making, I guess? High traffic? I look at others' blogs I follow and they have these high traffic numbers, and 50 comments per post, and I think... well, I would probably crack under the pressure anyway. Successful for me is just frequent. entertaining -- for both of us, but I'll be honest - I am never sure what you as a readership will respond to. I hope that what I find interesting, you do too.

I'll apologize to my new followers for their signing on during a period were I seem to be making little sense, and thinking of nothing of consquence beyond how badly The Banana Nut Cheerios product turned out and whether everyone in Pueblo, Colorado has a PO Box.

Sometimes we talk about politics and money and god, the war, people who haveinfluenced our lives, working our programs and taking our inventories, babies and bosses and ViewMaster reels.

And sometimes we just want to laugh at a funny caption on a cat picture. Miss Bender regrets.
Better luck next time.


  1. See


  2. Congrats on the following. I'm new to all this. So although I read specific blogs, I didn't realise I could be a "follower." I also haven't been posting "comments." But now that I have my own blog, I find this strange myriad of emotions comes up when I can see that people have read...and yet no comments at all. I thought maybe it was a cultural blogging thing where people just don't comment. In any case, it makes me want to put forth a more concerted effort to comment. Consider this a belated "thanks for the blog - good stuff." :-)

  3. where are the circles and arrows


  4. I always read, but don't post often. Sometimes it's because your insights leave me with feelings of inadequacy. We live in such separate worlds that it is difficult to connect except here. Keep on posting, I'll keep on reading and learning (and maybe even getting smarter!)M.


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