Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things I have actually said this week in response to...

"Two weeks off? Where are you going?"

1. Reserve duty

2. Rehab

3. Inauguration
which led to the more subtle...

4. My friend Barry from Law School has this thing this weekend...

5. I am a material witness in a murder trial

6. I'm getting married

7. I have to do this community service, and they said I could do 10 10-hr days and knock it all off at once

8. My Mission

9. I'm goin' to DISNEY WOORRLLD!

10. CareerBuilder
come on. that's wicked funny.

Miss Bender is turning out for 2 weeks and hopes to keep us both entertained by discovering what her brain does when it isn't running the WENUS in its sleep.


  1. Clearly you have some time to use or lose. Good for you. Enjoy the hell out of it!! M

  2. Have a blast. I would have just replied "Costco" and left it at that. But my personal fave - community service. Because really, who can tactfully follow it up with anything other than "well, have fun."

    The Baroness says be good and remember to say please and thank you - but only to the right people.

  3. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!


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