Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Worcester Tornadoes

I think I may have to start another label for this blog called "storms." If I live through this one.

To make matters crazier, the local weather station pauses during tornado watch updates to show ads for cancer hospitals.

This particular cell (of storms, not cancer) is moving quickly, judging by the thunder that just blew overhead. I am in the lower level, with curtains drawn, when it got so dark that the porch light came on. I picked the wrong day to leave the car outside the garage.

So anyway... I am writing on battery. Don't worry about that. I depend on my blog-o-sphere to distract me through these bizarre moments. I realize that as you read this, the moment has long passed (some longer than others...ahem) but I want you to enjoy the drama as much as I do.

Why a Worcester tornado watch is worth fretting over. (there are over 100 slides there, so link at your own risk)

The watch went up at noon, and is in effect until 7pm. It is 5:30 now, and we are in the second line of storms. The first line opened my garage door. That issue may not be fully resolved, but between the storms I moved the car inside and have decided tomorrow is another day.

Thank goodness my dear friend Mark is here to see me through this.... Maker's Mark. [insert laugh track] I actually did try to insert a laugh track, and this is the kind of thing I get lost in instead of creating a process flow for non-core implementation. What's that, you ask? oh, sigh, who cares.

Gotta go, but you all come back now, ya hear?

Pick your favorite Dorothy:

A: Classic
B: Vintage
C: Fierce that's Jim Bailey, by the way. I've seen him live (rhymes with five, not shiv). I should blog about that sometime. Or I should just keep it to myself)
D: Snarky. That might also be Jim Bailey.

Good Night America. How are ya.

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  1. A. Classic.

    This Worcester tornado comes up from time to time, doesn't it? I'm glad you and our Worcester buddies escaped it unscathed. I did, in fact, snicker for "Mark" after I realized it wasn't the fabu Mark from CC.

    I miss your spirit.


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