Thursday, May 3, 2007

Here's what I'm thinking

I have a bunch of posts on-deck that I can't seem to get to, and which are becoming outdated. but here's what I'm thinking right now, as I sit in Colonial Chevrolet (O! happy wireless!).

Why doesn't car insurance work like health insurance?
That is... why don't we get a co-pay on regularly scheduled maintenance, and some kind of perscription coverage for parts?

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  1. Something I have learned about since my mechanic is also my husband....

    The manufacturers warranty can often be seen as "an insurance policy" - you pay more up front but when you go in for many problems - the deductible is only $50.00. (sometimes it covers parts and service) They often call them Maxi Plans.

    I agree though - and now as a pet owner - I also think there should be some kind of pet insurance (someone is sure to write back and say there is... ) I am just waiting for one of my kitties to get sick and cost me 2 weeks pay!

    I hate be a grown up.

    "Pete"r Pan


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