Saturday, July 29, 2006


Man finds valuable Bible in trash dump.

see also... confessions of a bin dumper.

There is an update on the box o' Bibles, which I will report as soon as I have completed the task.
But it is this.

Stay cool, everyone. It is too hot to be in the book bin. I know because I was there this morning:
(1) New Testament
(1) Sportin' Ladies (1975 1st edition, no value) - tales of sports groupies, written by a man. With a delicious round lower case font cover.
(1) Anglo-Saxon Reader. Includes instructions for applying wolf-bane: "Gif mon bung ete, apege buteran ond drince; se pung gewit on ba buteran."

One of my favorite townie-horders was there, chatting with another one about how much stuff they have in their houses and how their wives don't know they are there. And what they would save if the house burned down.

Which reminded me I should go home and put some stuff away.

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