Friday, July 7, 2006

Blog Envy

If you take the time to read the blogs connected to this one (the blog-munity, Suburbia might say) and I hope that you do, you'll notice that they have been updating much more frequently than I have this month, and I am feeling some pressure to keep up. Jay and Brenda's roadtrip has reached an important turning point, and Jay has learned a new appreciation for iced coffee. There are new Liam photos, Karen is about to get her site assignment, and Patrick has some poignant observations on Independence Day.

And I got nothin. Even the Finishing School has gone silent, since our Dean was delivered of a son.

I try not to write about work (I have to save it for the corporate tell-all) and that has been very much on my mind. I need more time to sort it through a big filter and turn it into Anyone's Workplace advice. And I want to comment on the Devil Wears Prada -- where it fits in the canon of great working woman films (see my all time list here...and here).

I had a couple of political rants going for a while, but that material becomes dated quickly if you don't use it. I had a minor success with a wireless speaker set-up that I somehow thought was interesting until I started to write about it.

I can usually count on the weekly read at Rec. for the Blind to turn on a synapse, but I skipped this week for dinner with dear friends. And that was a night which I will keep to myself .

Some times like this, I dig into the archive and post something quite old (to me, but which most people have not seen), and I will continue to do that, but not tonight. Tonight was spent (Friday night? yes, Friday night, because I want to enjoy the weekend) writing a self-assessment to use in a discussion with the outgoing Boss (as in departing, not vivacious) to help him understand my suspicion that the Company and I are all wrong for each other and staying together for the sake of the children serves no one. All readers who have been my boss... the Comment field is below.

But here we are on work again.

I will post this dull bit of transitional filler (when we were young Guiding Light fans, we neighborhood girls would call this "wednesday's show.") update the recommended film of the week, and go to bed. Read the linked blogs instead this week. They are on a roll.

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