Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watch this space

I hadn't forgotten about you.
I was cleaning out my desk.

I have been writing this next sentence for the next ten minutes, so I'll just keep plowing through and you'll take whatever comes out.  We haven't raised our ticket price in the past 6 years, and no one has ever used the donate button.

Stop looking.  There is no Donate button.

12 years, 3 companies, 6 jobs, and a couple blogs later, and I am tapping out of the high-tech Octagon. If you have to change positions every 2 years, it's probably not them, it's you.  And it is most definitely me.  I like to think I served with honor.  I loved you all (I mean, I didn't love everyone, but I don't talk to the ones I didn't....) but turn, turn, turn, etc.  So my mixed metaphors of high-tech Mill Girl/overdressed corporate stooge is replaced by starving graduate student/over-degreed do-gooder, spending the endowment that those 12 years built.

But in either scene, I am your squint-eyed Spinster, and I know you'll still tune in for that.  Blogger teased me with some new templates, and I tried them out, but I kept the old one after all.  You're welcome.

Did I really quit my job in a recession?  Yes, I did.  The secret is to find what they need and provide that.  And they do not need anymore project weenies.  There are plenty to go around.
Any I really getting another Masters?  Yes, I am.  Maybe I'll use this one.  You never know.
Is it really online?  Mostly, yes.  It's worth the price of admission just to see how in the world they teach Braille...to sighted people...online.  But I'm all in.
Am I really unemployed?  Not really.  But yes, really.  I will declare the income I am making on these projects I bid too low, and in the end...it will have been for no good reason.
So how's that all gonna work?  aaaahhhh..... got you hooked now, don't I?

So here's what's happening right now.
--  making a comparison study of the local town libraries, and tracking them by spreadsheet.  Shrewsbury - not enough outlets!  Lancaster - pretty, but small!  Bolton - nice rebuild!  I really miss my Newton Free, and oh, you, Lexington, but I no longer go that way.

-- speaking of rationing, the bourbon is low and there is no payday ahead.  But it is a lovely replacement for running the heat in April.  (another reason I am at the library all day).

-- back at the fitness room of Del Boca Vista, and that ought to be material enough for once a week.

The gym membership expired this month, and it is 15 miles from here. The "fitness" room consists of 1 marginally-adjustable circuit cluster, some treadmills, a Stairmaster that works and a Gravitron that doesn't, a rowing apparatus that seems to be from the 1920s, and would pair nicely with some of those juggling pins, an Ellpitical machine, a balance ball, scattered free weights with all the increments between 5 and 20 missing, and that weird hump-bike that Long Duk Dong rode in 16 Candles.

-- Maybe blogging again.  This is a start.  If I can possibly find a place to put it in my busy schedule.


  1. So nice to see you on the reading list this morning - you have been missed. I think the adventures of Ms. Bender have only just begun. Can;t wait to see how that braille thing works out!

    I suspect that freed from the mill, you will have lots of new and interesting things about which to tell us. (Like that construction?) Was happy to see you on your recent visit to our fair city.

  2. I am glad to see your return to the blog. You have been missed greatly. I am also glad that you are moving on and pursuing something new. We are never too old to learn and it makes us better people. Good luck and I look forward to more postings. M


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