Friday, September 10, 2010

Power of the Press

Look, all I am saying is that within days of my accusing The Homestead of flim-flam (my actual words -- see the earlier post), they changed the picture of the Jefferson Pools on their website.  In fact, they changed their whole website.

In the earlier post, where you see the link "LOOK," that page is no longer found.  I am leaving it as-is because I enjoy the proof of it.  If you click it now, you will go to The Homestead, but not to a page that shows their opulent indoor pool as the banner photo for the Jefferson Pools, 5 miles away and 200 years more rustic.

The "hot springs spa" Jefferson Pools page is now and shows a heavily lighted photo of the true bath house.  The waters are still made to look chlorinated, which is absurd, and the numerous pool noodles have been moved out of the shot -- which is more aesthetically pleasing, I'll admit.  Still dodgey about just where they are, which as we have not in Hot Springs.

I am sort of baiting them now, with this post, but not linking back to them.  I think I've had my say.

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