Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update: HR1700

Keeping you up to date on the House bill no one else in watching.

Our little Bill has moved out of Senate Committee. (cue vuvuzela).  It is S2129 there.  It don't know if this versioning system indicates that there are far more Senate bills than House bills, whether one of them uses a Julian date, or whether (as we do in software) they changed the numbering system once in one chamber only.

It was recommended by Senate Committee to be considered by the entire Senate.  (Hold your breath, Feminists.)  This bill is sponsored by Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) whose stats are not strong in the sponsorship area.  76% of the bills she has sponsored did not make it out of committee, and of the ones that did, only 25% made it.  On the other hand, Rep Barbara Boxer's stats are not much better, and she managed to get our 1700 passed.  Government is not baseball, after all.  (it just feels like it in the 4th inning)

The Senator seems wrapped up in some chemical-interest bills at present, but she is also committed to
S. 451: Girl Scouts USA Centennial Commemorative Coin Act and an amusing variety of "awareness day" type acts.  You know we love a good awareness day in the DrawingIn Room.  I should revisit that topic sometime soon. makes it possible for us to track our Bill from here, so you'll notice the tracking widget now at the bottom of this page, just about Subscribers and Followers. This should also let us know when the bill is up for debate on the Senate floor.  Where's Robert Byrd (pronounced Boid) when we need him?

 If you like visual representations of statistical data, you might enjoy GovTrack's left/right bill sponsorship chart.

While we wait, you can get your history on here:
NWHM's virtual museum
Dallas' Women's Museum
US Army Women's Museum
Women's Rights NHP
Mary McLeod Bethune Council House

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