Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting there is half the fun

Have you had enough of hearing about the flooding yet?  Times like these remind you of how much we take for granted our ability to shrink our vast country into hour increments through the miracle of transportation, when not so long ago you actually needed a 2 week vacation just to get anywhere.  The New Boss is on business travel to Nacodoches and she was delighted that a friend who "lives close" was going to meet up with her.  "Texas-close?" I said.  Because in New England, we will take 2 hours to get to work, but that's not because of distance.  We hate to do anything that's wickit far.

I was recently berated by some high school friends when I didn't meet up with them at a local (for them -- 600 miles away from me).  They said "So-and-so came, and she lives in New Jersey."  I said, "Let the record reflect that I live 7 hours north of New Jersey."

(New Job - PTO) + Death of a friend + 12 hours travel distance X 1 set of railroad tracks North to South.   I had gotten a dream itinerary -- couldn't believe my luck: Depart MA from the 128 station at 8am and arrive in Richmond at 7pm.  Return departure at 7pm, arrive in MA at 8am, where I am parked 30 minutes from work.  I would read a book.  I would watch a film.  I would wear a cloche and sip champagne.  in my head....

Oh, but then there's this.  It's a little hard to make out, but it was shot from an Amtrak window on Wednesday.  Shortly afterward, service was suspended.  The sad recording on USA-RAIL says the call volume is so high, could you please call back when you are 48 hours from your travel?  Refunds are cheerfully offered, and reroutes as well, if you can take one of the 3 trains a day leaving from New Haven.  You should arrive back at your destination about 3am.
Go ahead.  come upstairs.  The sun should be up in about 4 hours.  New Haven is perfectly safe for middle-aged ladies travelling alone.
I actually miss a lot of funerals this way.

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