Monday, April 5, 2010

Almost entirely fat

Know your BI-RADS.  Your mammogram just became more appalling.


Here’s what the gang in the lab have to say about you. Using the Breast Image Reporting and Data System (I promise you, it is not Rating, but Reporting) the Rad Techs have this to say:

4 = Extremely dense

3 = Heterogeneously Dense

(said the letch to the buxom gal wearing a name tag… “And what’s the other one’s name?”)



2 = Scattered fibroglandular densities (lumpy)

And your #1 BI-RAD code is… Almost entirely fat


It seems sort of mean, doesn’t it?  Like they went from marilyn_richardavedonfibroglandular (which this spell check doesn’t even understand), to this… judgment call

I went looking for its male equivalent (understanding, of course, that men do occasionally get breast imaging, but rarely have a lifetime of their fat being assessed).  And while I learned far more about scrotal ultrasonography (Ultra! Low tar!  King Size!) than I will ever use in  life,  I was unable to find the related RAD.  SU-RAD, you would think.

Sooooo Rad.


I invite you to make up your own ratings.  this is a family show.

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