Sunday, March 14, 2010

I got nothin'

I have been sitting here for about 20 minutes hoping to conjure up a topic for you.  Thinking and clicking and clicking and thinking, and there is just a lot of random what-if, snippets of song, hunger, Daylight Saving sleepiness...

Did we just end DLS, or begin it?  I can never keep it straight.  I gave up on accurate clocks years ago.  My alarm system may finally be correct, as it has been an hour ahead since about November.  It resets itself, but according to an automated command based on the OLD DLS calendar, not the new one.  I suppose I have some control over it, but it intimidates me, to tell you the truth. A couple of weeks from now, it will spring ahead again on its own and then I'll be late for everything.

The stove has a real clock dial, with the buzzy alarm.  It is usually correct until the power goes off, then I tend to leave it where it is because I don't like the sound of that alarm either.   (That is not my actual oven clock.  Please do not send letters.  But certainly you know by now that if I won't reset a clock, I am not buying a new oven either.)

I am happy for all other devices that get their time updates from their home planets, or however they do it.

Remember when we thought that "digital" meant "it displays digits"? Of course, round clock faces also display digits.  We loved the Grand Central Station flippy effect of those clock radios, didn't we?  If this post is already boring you, switch over to calculator humor for more digital fun.

I do keep a file of things I would like to explore for post ideas, but by the time I go back to them, I either can't remember why or the link has expired.  Crazy Internet, keeping its attic clean.  I tried to clean the house yesterday.  I did vacuum the most offending carpet, but by the time I had put all the scattered magazines in a pile, I thought I should reheat the pizza and watch the last episode of The Riches so I could send the disc back.

I am starting to get the plotlines of The Riches and Big Love confused.  The creepy brother is mad at our protagonist family because they stole the money, and everyone is sneaking around everyone else, and that younger son no one pays attention to is going to go rogue eventually.  Wedding, funeral, Dahlaila, Marjean...I need to put some space between them in queue.  A couple of weeks ago, I dorked out completely adding 1960s live-action Disney comedies to my queue, triggered by a Parent Trap double bill which featured the original Hayly Mills version, and the 1980s Parent Trap II "reunion" movie.  Did you know that Disney invented that split screen "twins" editing technqiue -- Parent Trap was nominated for an Oscar?

From there I discovered all manner of "bonus discs" for things like Parent Trap and Old Yeller, Pollyanna, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I gorged the queue on Kurt Russell and Jan-Michael Vincent.  Oh Fred McMurray... how far you fell....

You have to shuffle a load like that into your queue -- you really shouldn't watch them all at once.  And a cherry slushie makes it all come back to you.  Or a half-dozen Boston creme donuts, whichever you prefer to sneak into your local.

Movies that do not qualify: Gnome-Mobile, Darby O'Gill, and Dr Doolittle.  This should be self-explanatory.  Doolittle is a double whammy of talking animals, and that creepy puppet Anthony Newley .

Today is a Brunch Sunday -- 2 Moms, 2 not-Moms -- braving the downpours for fritattas and wine.  I need to be getting dressed for that.  Well, not dressed, as in dressed for dinner.  But dressed as in dressed for a $22 breakfast where Mickey Mouse pancakes are not on the menu.  One must pay more for adults-only experiences.  I had a lead on going to see Alice in Wonderland at the Premium Cinema, which bills itself as "distraction-free" entertainment (read: 21+).  After experiencing the Sunday matinee of Julie Taymor's The Lion King, I decided I would prefer the comparative literature geeks and  Burton acolytes to seeing Alice with the {shudder} general public. Unfortunately, I missed my window and they have replaced that show already.  Your reviews are welcome.

I believe I will have fulfilled my 1000 word commitment to you by the time this paragraph is finished (not to mention the use of the future perfect progressive just there.  If you count these words, you have worse OCD than I do.  And I admire that.


  1. This post is a lot like catching up with an old friend. You don't know where it is going to take you but you enjoy the journey.

  2. DLS re-started with the purpose of SDL, but really just shifts DL from AM to PM so your drive to work is less into DL, but you get the DL back for the drive home.

    Cheers, Fred

  3. Oddly...THAT comment is not spam.


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