Thursday, February 25, 2010



  1. The should have fired that whale after the first incident or certainly after the second one. Now they say it will "continue to live at the park." DUH!! m

  2. There are at least two other sides to this story.

    1) This is an animal. He doesn't reason; he doesn't make plans or decisions. If you see the video that was taken just minutes prior to the "attack" you will see that the trainer was playing with him by wagging her head from side to side, and flipping her pony tail back and forth in front of him as he wags his head from side to side, too. Then she lies down in four inches of water next to him and cuddles him. He probably saw the pony tail in the water and grabbed it "thinking" that he had the toy now. And then he shook that toy - unfortunately still attached to the trainer - and took off with it underwater.

    2) As a long-time, professional trainer, she probably still broke the rules with this whale. Trainers were not allowed into the pool with him, and were probably not allowed to lie down in the slide area. She probably forgot the rule because she was playing, too.

    They can no more kill that whale for this accident, than you would kill a dog who killed a bird. Even pros shouldn't be playing too many games with animals who weight 12,000 pounds and who live, and move and have their being in water.

    He can continue to contribute the the marine science they do at SeaWorld when they are not parading the mammals around like circus animals. Enough rant.


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