Monday, January 11, 2010

Funny what you miss

I heard my suits whimpering the other night.  It's my own fault; I sleep with the closet doors open.  I think you can imagine why

They are lonesome.  And as of this month, products of "an earlier decade."  But they don't get to go out anymore.  Since joining the Unemployed in October, my wardrobe is made of 2 pairs of jeans, 2 fleeces, and 1 of 2 pair of wool socks.  Sometimes I put pajamas on at the end of the day.  Sometimes.... meh.

Of the things I miss about working life, I miss my clothes the most.  I feel like Wonder Woman in a business suit -- well, to be precise, I feel like Diana Prince, because I would not feel powerful in Wonder Woman's business wear.

Imagine how awesome I'll feel when my clothes actually fit, which they never do.  Experts agree that one's clothes should be tailored to them, and there is a new seamstress in town who may be able to take on this project with me.  We are working slowly, because besides living on severance, I am also losing weight and redistributing shape.  So one project at a time.

I gave her a 3-piece that has never fit (oh, because I bought it one Black Friday in a wrong size because it was 2-for-1.  I bought 2.  blink...blink) to see how she did, and she did not disappoint.  Tomorrow perhaps I'll take the other, then we can start to work the pants.

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  1. That is also a downside of "working at home". The freedom to set your priorities and work times, and wear pajamas all day if one wants is heady indeed, but somehow NEVER dressing like a real grown up professional woman makes one sad. Don't know if my clothes are sad, too, but somehow it's nice to think that they feel the same!


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