Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Labor Day

In the spirit of the holiday, The DrawingIn Room builds your

Labor Day Movie Marathon
salute to labor-management relations

Office Space: Foundation and Pinnacle of the working-movie canon

Gung Ho: "YOO ESS AY" gets brought low by the former enemy

Backdraft: Even superheroes have bulls*** meetings to go to

Swimming with Sharks: Put your worst boss stories up against this guy

The Devil Wears Prada: ditto - in heels

The Turning Point: what happens when Labor wakes up and finds itself Management

GI Jane: If you have to fight this hard for your promotion, it may not be worth getting

A League of Their Own: When the playing field is level, everyone can achieve

Pirates of Silicon Valley: In case you're thinking, "I'll just start my own company"

Wall Street: How you like it NOW, fellas?

Matewan: None of us is stronger than all of us

The Finishing School's guide to Working Women movies
Part 1
Part 2

Alternative theme
The Nutty Professor
The King of Comedy
Three on a Couch
The Geisha Boy
It's a Mad (etc) World


  1. I really need to see Wall Street again.

    For the list (cause, you know, the fun of posting a list is everyone telling you that you left stuff off your list):


    Dr. A.


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