Saturday, June 13, 2009

Damned inconvenient

I have about 20 mins before my next move in today's itinerary and I thought I would take a stab at writing a stream of consciousness entry, in an attempt at breaking the block that has been lingering for a while. By now you know the lists are just a way of appeasing you so my URL doesn't fall out of your browser history. I know you won't come back if it does.

Because I understand it has to be convenient for you.

Blogging is the same way. And blogger's block isn't really writer's block. It is a form of it, of course -- when you have nothing to say or no need to say it.

This is not my situation. You send me ideas all the time . (And sometimes they are even intentional. rim shot) I have no shortage of topics in draft, but it isn't just about the ideas or the typing. Sometimes the modem doesn't hold a signal. The computer takes too long to boot up and I wander away. I schedule my time too tightly, and blogging is not an A or B priority. (mostly because I can do it in my head to solve what I need out of it, and I am a little selfish that way)

I think of that line in Friends with Money when Frances McDormand says she stopped washing her hair because "my arms get tired."

As it is now, I had to write out (the horror) what I was thinking while waiting for the H-P "health check" to tell me to buy a new battery (which I don't believe and I am not gonna) so I didn't lose the train of thought (and all its parentheticals) while the desktop widget queried for the weather.


For inspiration, I have caught up on my own blogroll, not that I want to write about what you are writing about. I think I want to write about what you are NOT writing about. Now I have spent about an hour reading that and the moment may have passed.

My creativity window is notoriously small these days. Sitting in the breeze of your creativity window and making witty commentary is so much easier.

I am so sorry I made you click here to read this. I will try to do better.


  1. Okay - so I know you've read MY blog and you know my mantra, "INCREASED CONFIDENCE BRINGS INCREASED CAPACITY." So all you need is one big dose of confidence. Ideally this comes from within. Yet, I'm quite sure there are lots of folks around who know how wonderful you are and who are as inspired as I am by what you share. Keep it comin' - you rock!

  2. I agree. My writing is so mundane compared to yours. Altho apparently we are sharing a block these days. Not even the garden is motivating me. Hang in, inspiration will come. webb

  3. I don't know Charlene (from two floors up in the comments section), but I love her and agree with her completely.

    Didn't you just perform some of your material to a paying audience lately? I would PAY MONEY to be able to write (and speak) as well as you.


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