Friday, October 3, 2008

Beating a metaphor to death

I am finished with the Main St/Wall St cliche. Today I heard Madame Speaker refer to it as "MLK Blvd or Cesar Chavez Way." And I couldn't tell if she was being ironic or what.

But I did think, while standing in line at the Strand (speaking of small town America) of

10 more inclusive extensions of the Main St metaphor

1. RFD 30

2. PO Box 1082

3. Faculty Row

4. The Castro

5. L St. NW

6. General Delivery, Appalachian Trail maildrop

7. c/o prisoner 9139190

8. Williamstown Commons, Rm 5

9. Ho-Chunk Indian Reservation

10. CMR 345, APO AE 09250

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