Friday, June 15, 2007

Midstream of Consciousness

I started this post under the title "Is Blogging Dead?" This is mostly a commentary on myself, and how I have not kept up, though I have an essay working which can be posted here AND the Finishing School, so that is winwin/net-net/hocus-pocus.

But I changed topic in a few minutes when I decided to see what my blogroll members are up to, and was delighted, and flattered, that over at the Lemonade Stade, Violet is getting her own readership hooked on Bookmooch.

This is me linking to her linking to me.
JCWK would say, "It's so Meta." I just think it's ar-sum.

And they'll tell 2 friends... and none of us will get any of the Mooch Money, but that's OK. It's not about the money....

So this moment of internet connection between 2 people who have never met, over an obsession with books, has inspired a couple of updates.

1) I added a new label for the Booklovers, so you can get caught up on all the various book hoarder spots that have been highlighted here. BookMooch is the one most like Netflix, but my fave is really Bookcrossings because it truly isn't about the money. Keep 'em coming, readers!

2) Some recommended summer reads. You'll notice that my Nightstand list (left) has shrunk, partly because it is summer, and partly because Kavalier and Clay is the size of a dictionary, but mostly because I spend most waking hours working on something stupid. But.... I do have some new discoveries that I will pass along. You are invited and encouraged to comment with more suggestions.

What is the What - I was assigned this the other night at RFB, and was blown away. I am a Dave Eggers fan, though I admit it usually takes some commitment. If you couldn't get through Staggering Genius, 2 tips (skip the intro, this instead). I came home and ordered it for people. Now that's book compulsion.

Kavalier & Clay (linked left) - I am enjoying this a lot, though I am not sure it is for everyone. It helps if you have a 50's comic books section in your brain, and if you like a dense kind of near-Faulkner style. Yes to both for me. If you read these 2, plus Maus and Maus II, that could fill your summer nicely (though not exactly uplifting).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 35 days to release - let me just say - full disclosure -- that I do not care for 5 minutes about Harry Potter. But if you are already in this camp, this is a big summer for you. So enjoy it. And I'll tell you what - this boxed set arrangement could almost convince me. Damn, that is handsome.

I just invented this. Let's make t-shirts.

It's Harry and Beatrix Potter.
That's more of a Mary joke, isn't it?

And now I forgot what I was talking about.
3) a Plug for Check this Out bookclub. If you have been considering a book club, but just can't commit to friendships with people you might have to see in the grocery... (or, whatever, you travel, you're a shut-in, you work nights... ) you might enjoy this discussion board with titles worth discussing. Tell them the mill girls sent you.

And get to the beach, would you? You look like a pasty new Englander. Oh wait, that's me again.


  1. So, now do I have to put a post linking to you linking to me linking to you? This could get excessive....

    I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow... The thing that I look forward to the most is reading... On the plane, on the beach, by the pool... It truly is a luxury for me!

  2. Stately, Plump....

    Your recent thread
    "Is blogging dead ?"
    Reminds me of James Joyce,
    Even though, by choice,
    I cound never understand
    A thing that he said.

    Your doting uncle,
    Ol' Fred


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