Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hoard no More!

That's hoard. I don't care what you do on your own time.
The Readership that likes to participate adds to our list of places you can share your books. Jay sends us

Who are they? A guy named John, who is celebrating his book addiction through the free exchange of crap on the Web. Yaaaay.... web crap!

Compulso-Meter: 4 big bars of soap!

Book Mooch is a list-based system (squirm...writhe...) where you list what you want to give away, and search for what you want to possess, like Napster.
Lots of stats; ditto charts. Mostly numbers, and all trending "up," which lost my interest after a moment. But, dig this: you can quickly flash to this page when the boss walks by.

Search feature - I searched for "Bridges of Madison County," a book no one should keep. 7 people would like to give it away.
Fasco-Meter - a little high. There is a point system (so many points for books out, so many for books in) that seems a little overly wonky.

The account creation page takes itself too seriously. Protection, sure, but am I in danger of someone logging in as me and giving away my books without my authorization? Can you tell I have no spouse?

Presence of The Man - Book Mooch is in bed with Amazon. Not that that's a bad thing. You just might want to know, in case you still believe in the wild wild web. These might not be real "people."

Other stuff going on:
Book Mooch is in Second Life! And they give away t-shirts there.

Where's the love?
BookMooch does encourage charitable giving, including books to prisons, which you recall we have had some trouble with.

If you truly have time on your hands -- so much so that you could be on the professional Scrabble circuit -- I challenge you to combine this group with the book crossing people.

"The Center of Everything" was just released last month at The Purple Shamrock. Go get it.


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    Very good posting.
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  2. Very cool. I'm going to have to go check this out. I'm all about overly-complicated web gimmicks.

    (P.S. WTF is with this Prof. Howdy? It is totally a spamming comment! A friend got a comment from him a few weeks ago. Weird.)


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