Tuesday, April 3, 2007

One more place to release your books

On our last episode...I offered an update on places where book hoarders could free themselves and their burdens without feeling like executioners, and bring the gift of books to others. Such a nice little ministry.

Today I found another, with special appeal to collectors and list makers. Come along.

Book Crossing
Who is it? Humankind Systems, Inc.

Still asking... Yet another internet/software company, but in this case, one of the partners began to tinker with the idea of web Community and creating the kind of site where the members truly defined the parameters of their society.

Ok, so what is it then? Where book compulsion meets geocaching, this is bookcrossing.com. Release a book into the world -- anywhere/anyway you like -- then register it on bookcrossing. When it is found, the finder will make an entry that they have found it, and is of course encouraged to release it again when finished with it.

What's out there? Only 543,000 registered members; 3.8 million registered books.

How do I find my free books? Stop it. You are supposed to be working your book compulsion program, not feeding it.

But if you wander over to the Go Hunting area I suppose I can't stop you. Who am I to stand in the way of the bookless?Here's a peek, locals.

Speaking of the bookless, give some thought to The New Orleans Public Library System, though they prefer cash. Send the books themselves to Better World who are selling used books on the Internet to raise money to rebuild the NOPL and other literacy causes.

Remember that you can ship books Book Rate (imagine!) and this is very cheap for you. Please read their guidelines before sending.

And of course, Miss Bender has no objection to your using the Readership to give and receive books. Just don't send them to her.


  1. Yeah... I don't know about all that... I admit that I am a book hoarder, and I like it. I guess maybe I could find a couple to part with... If I had to... Do I have to?

  2. Wow. Book Crossing. I could really get into that. JB and I got a foot of snow overnight. Now I'm thinking all the "released" books out in the wild are all snowed in....


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