Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Game Two

True, Game 1 was last night, and I missed it -- missed seeing an embarrassing wake-up call from the Royals, god help us, but tonight we are answering. And it snowed about 2 wet heavy inches on my way home tonight, so what feels better than baseball?

What I really logged on to write about is Youk's new goatee. Yoooooouuuuk! Finally. did someone get a stylist?

Let me say that I have never been a big fan of the goatee, though some of my best friends.... you know. It might be the longest running man-fad since the 18th century ponytail.
On the other hand, I do like the shaved head, and the shaved head/goatee combination is a young man's strategy toward agelessness 4-eva -- creating a neck, a chin, and a hairline all at once. A little jealous, thought the girl with the same hair style since 1990.

Kevin Youkilis is not a bad looking guy, but his lantern jaw and his fondess for the chew tend to make him look like this guy.

While this baseball card pose doesn't do him justice, I vote my approval of the goatee. And the home run. Thanks Youk.

PS... find out if Jason likes me


  1. I love Youk! :)


  2. HA! Brilliant!

    "PS... find out if Jason likes me"

  3. yeah... cards have a rough start this year, but seems that they're getting their stuff together now... freakin' mets.

  4. oh, yeah - going to my first game of the season this sunday... well, if you don't count the spring training game i went to in fl. hopefully, it won't be frigid weather outside.


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