Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shameless Plug

I've been meaning to write to plug a book that was recently on the Nightstand list (see left) but has since been replaced by something else (oh... a corporate biography about chocolate it appears).

I don't usually write much about what I'm reading, since the truth is I do prefer reading to writing, (and movies to either). And I read a lot of other people's personal reviews without ever acting on them. But one should plug books by writers they know personally, and this slim memoir holds a special place in my heart.

Rob Sheffield, critic, commentator, observer of popular culture, presents a Love Story-ish valentine to his first wife, and a sweet/sad remembrance of their brief young marriage and a relationship that has never waned. I had the amazing good fortune to know this couple, and was in fact in the wedding that kicked off the second act of their story.

[Amazon advises these related searches: Rob, please write back and explain!]

I had lost track of Rob some years ago. Honestly and plainly, he explained that he needed me to fade away with the things that were Renee's, and that we had no relationship without her in it. I've never begrudged him that. It was a loyalty to Renee and the weight of having witnessed their vows that nagged me into checking in on him. He let me off that hook, and as I now know, went on with his grief and his life. If you're wondering how long it takes to be able to express heartbreak... about 10 years.

This book kicked off a spate of grief books for me, I am afraid, and I will recommend them all:

The Year of Magical Thinking

A Cure For Dreams

The Wars

Read this book. Then go do something your spouse likes more than you do. And be grateful.

And Rob - you've googled yourself this far. Drop a line. My love to your bride.


  1. very cool. i am going to check this out. it is a 6 degrees of separation type thing, so i feel like i practially know rob, too.

  2. I've added it to my Amazon wish list and look forward to reading it sometime soon. Books by people we know or places with which we are familiar are usually fund to read. Marn

  3. WhReviewer: Marold "marold4444" (South Florida) - See all my reviews
    I did not finish reading this book. It was too sad for me. If you're up for a downer, read it. It is about this guy whose wife dies suddenly and he talks abou ther and their life, but not in the endearing and upbeat way I thought. I thought he would be reflecting on their great life and how he misses her, but the whole thing is almost too tainted with sadness. Some may be able to get past it, but it was too much for me. Very depressing. I hope it was cathartic for the author, but I don't see how other could enjoy it.

    What is a "mix tape" ? Your read recommendation got me as far as the review above and I decided to go no further.


  4. caroline -

    i'm about halfway through this book and am loving it. it is fun the way your friend weaves the music of the times into the story about their lives. thanks for the recommendation.


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