Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Missing Persons

What a difference a month makes.  Those of you trying to follow the veiled mill updates deserve some news, after the most recent -- because everything old is new again.   

When we last checked in, some of the Readership were condemning my strategy of remaining invisible to the New Brass, and the joke's on you.  Because both of these yo-yos have been voted off of our show.

In a murder-suicide, she sent Crazy packing, then followed him by about a week.  And we are right back where we started from.  She held a new record, in fact, for shortest term in that chair.  We now choose it by lottery, if you're playing. 

The Big Project I am Unqualified to Run (the B-PUR) continues to hang on without showing any signs of progress.  I don't know why I chose Miss Haversham for this paragraph -- I guess because it was a Great Expectation and went all berserkers.  And because a picture of Karen Ann Quinlan seemed mean.

Poor B-PUR has no idea that it was completely eclipsed by B-PICS, The Big Project I Inherited from my Co-Shirker -- who, if I ever see him again gets a kick in the throat.  About B-PICS, I can say very little.  My Ace in the Hole is reminding the customer that they insisted I manage it.

I have a meeting with Customer Who Wants Me Dead the week I get back.  I think quite seriously about never going back.  This may also be what keeps me from booking the west coast trip -- because I don't want to be stuck with it if I am no longer in the traveling-to-the-west-coast business.

I must not be wearing the right shoulder scarves.

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