Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, I want to be writing

Yes, I have a list of topics I have been thinking about (LISTS!).  It's right over there.  I can only reach this far.

It is Friday and I have the day off today.  You would think it would be a grand opportunity to catch up on the list -- on this the first cold day of the season (too early by a mile) and the house (fairly) clean for a moment -- not because of anything I've done, but because I haven't done anything.  Including hand up the unmentionables drying on the landing.

The neighbor just came by, all full of home-owner zeal about putting gutters on the back roof to stop the cascading that is growing mushrooms on her deck, but not mine --- and frankly, she would like to know why.  But I agreed that I would partner with her on mold if she will partner with me on mice, and damned if she didn't get the maintenance team to agree they could occlude the foundation.

So that might have been worth getting out of bed for, where I was lying like Amanda K Plummer (look it up) and wondering how long I could linger there before I need to leave for the annual visit to a fully lab-coated medical professional whose best advice tends to be "you need to fu**in' relax."  I have missed another opportunity to lose 30 pounds before this appointment.

It is a to be a gorgeous fall weekend; unfortunately, I have summer events planned.  But a day in Fenway is a day in Fenway, and that's why baseball players wear 2 shirts.

These diversions should keep me from working, but be advised that the next 30 days will bury me Parents' Weekend style after being stabbed in the back by 2 co-shirkers (which I can't write about either) and I have to pick up their mess of Legos and make a theme park out of it.

If you have come here looking for my rant about why  plain Ruffles are never in the vending machine, a pondering of why I bother to own plants, a retrospective of the 1970s Margarine Wars, or an expose on the game Heroica -- which a 7 year old can play, but not me... you'll have to come back.  Something may happen in this space; something may not.  But I think I can't use my few off hours to sit in front of another computer.


  1. Go ahead - have a life. We'll still be here when you get back. ;-)

  2. If anyone can make a park out of someone else's Legos, it is you. I have no doubt that you will come out on top. Additionally, I wish I only had 30 #s to lose instead of 60!! You will be more successful at that than I am, I know. I also try not to spend my weekend in front of the computer after I have done it all week and will often just "be" while reading a book. Remember: hypertension is the silent disease!! M


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