Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Alyssa throws out a meme:  

How To Create An Un-Bucket List
1. Create a list of things you vow never to do.
2. Die
3. Congratulations! You have accomplished an enormous amount!

You've heard me say, "I hope to/could go my entire life without..."  You know that I am fond of absolutes like these, finger pointed in the air Cathy Guisewite style.

1.  Play Putt-Putt.  This is the first thing I recall saying Never about, and it was mostly as a joke, the way we in my home-circle say, "I don't believe in scars."  For a short period, we tried to outdo each other with outrageous moral platforms.  So I said I intended to go my entire life without playing Putt-Putt.  I have played plenty of rounds of miniature golf since then, but never the official PP.  

2.  Read Twilight.  Just to tweak the zeitgeist.

3.  Shoot drugs.  You have to have one on the list you can be sure of.  Especially if you have already blown # 1

4.  Know where I lost my glasses in 1982.  But I think it through all the time.

5.  Leave Netflix.   They will have to leave me first.

6.  Believe that I need undercoating.

7. Get back to my fighting weight.

8.  Stay in West Dorm at another reunion.  

9.  Fix ______________.   I had something there, but it turned into a list.

10.  Finish this list.

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