Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just 25 minutes on James Mason

My time is so tightly scheduled, I only have 25 minutes left in the day to tackle the big questions in life that threaten to keep me awake.  Like what the heck is James Mason's accent?

How sweet it would be to write this entire post as a James Mason (Mmmaaaysssson) impression.  My favorite James Mason impression is Eddie Izzard's, who often attributes Mason's voice to God, as he impatiently explains his mystical decision making to us earthly morons. I went looking for a clip, and lost some of my precious minutes falling back in love with Eddie Izzard.  Izzard as James Mason is one of the most dangerous bad boy wife-dominating tranvestites you'll ever fantasize making bad choices about.

I found this instead.  Mason rocking the 'stache and selling you T-Bird.  Well that's mmmaaaarvalousss.

15 minutes left

Your James Mason film festival, brought to you by the DrawingIn Room:

A Star is Born -  Mason out-Judies Judy, who does not, in fact, forget her troubles or get happy.
Lolita - That face he makes at Lolita while her mother is prattling on about "her cherry pie."  I need some water.
Bigger Than Life - wouldn't you have called it "Larger Than Life"?  Mason's character is caught in an ethical dilemma when the only drugs available that can save his life also make him psychotic. Watch the doctors' careful pronunciation of their new miracle drug cor-ti-zone.
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Nemo by way of Ahab.  And one smokin' turtleneck.
Sesame Street Visits the Met? haven't seen it.  Desparately need to now.

If you don't have time for a film festival, start your You Tube evening here, and wander through a few choice episodes of What's My Line Mystery Guestspots.


  1. Seems to be quite a bit of James Mason love lately on various blogs - which I'm quite liking. Your post reminds me of what one fan said of him (back in his S/M days of The Seventh Veil) - "I don't care what Mr. Mason does to me, as long as he's talking to me while doing it." The Seventh Veil - definitely one of his films to check out - totally not PC by today's standards but who cares when you have Mason at his most Byronic. Also - Odd Man Out.

  2. If you're a James Mason fan and you haven't seen Murder By Decree, Odd Man Out and The Reckless Moment, then you can't call yourself a James Mason fan! His three best, IMO. The Reckless Moment may not be out on DVD. It was remade as the execrable The Deep End.

    Love the blog, BTW!

  3. Don't forget Julius Caeser !


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